Retailer FAQ's

What is the cut off time to order and still ship out the same day?
We do not have a cut off time for orders to ship the same day. We ship the majority of our orders the same day, except during the holiday season or inventory shortages.

Is there free shipping if they order over a certain dollar amount?
Currently, we do not offer free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount.

What carrier do we ship with?
We are utilizing the United States Postal Service.

What is the return/exchange policy?
Our Return/Exchange Policy is based on a Stock Balance Return. For example if you want to return merchandise that totals $100.00 you need a qualifying order for $200.00. Please have your Account # ready and call our office (800)627-0277 or e-mail for detailed instructions on how to complete a Stock Balance Return.

Do you ship Internationally?
We do ship internationally. However, to ship internationally, you, the retailer will have to provide us with your account number for shipping and are responsible for any duty fees and taxes.

What are your payment terms and options?
New accounts have all been pre-paid accounts via credit card. We have the option of keeping your credit card information on file after filing out a Credit Card Authorization form. After we have established your account at a positive standing, you may inquire about a credit line.

What documents do you require in order to apply for a Wholesale Account?
We will ask you to fill out a New Account Questionnaire form, in addition to a copy of Seller's Permit. Once your Account has been approved, we will require you to fill out a Resale Certificate Form if you do business within the State of California.

How to report damages or defects to a package?
Please contact us immediately at (800)627-0277 for any damages or defects to the package and/or product inside.

Are there first order requirements?
Yes. We require a minimum order of $500 for your first order. Any orders afterwards there is no minimum.